Why volunteer ?

Because it's out-of-the-ordinary! You'll meet amazing people, laugh, make a difference in someone's day, and start to see the world in a whole new light...

Volunteers help to create places of home and belonging, together with people who have intellectual disabilities—in solidarity with L'Arche communities in nearly 40 countries and on six continents.

You'll play a role in revealing the gifts and celebrating the unique value of every person.

As a small, local non-profit organization, we depend on your involvement in order to exist and thrive.

As a volunteer:

Spend time with our members as a friendly visitor or get to know one person through a shared activity such as reading, going for a walk, or creating art together at Creative Connections .

Lend a hand in the maintenance of the home: an afternoon of cleaning or helping with the garden would be a wonderful gift!

Help out with occasional fundraising events: selling tickets, serving coffee, putting up posters, greeting at the door...

Participate on the Fundraising Committee, New Home Committee, or Board of Directors.

What our volunteers say:

“A whole different lifestyle opened up for me. I’m where I’m meant to be today, and I have L’Arche to thank for that.”

“Everyone who wants to get involved could find an area that interests them... I find it fulfills my life.”

Diane and Krista exploring the possibilities of clay!

Anne and Stéphane supporting one another in preparation of Heart City

Please take a moment to indicate your interest by contacting us or by completing the application form below.

L'Arche Saint John office: (506) 672-6504 or larchesaintjohn@nb.aibn.com 

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