Drawing together people with and without intellectual disabilities  – people with a great variety of abilities and vulnerabilities –  L’Arche Saint John seeks to make known the gifts of all people and to engage our culture in fostering a more compassionate society


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Your impact allows us to provide one-on-one attention and support; educational opportunities that draw forth people’s gifts; medical and dental care, transportation, and other basic needs for our members as well as a place of belonging for all those who come to find friendship here.

On an ordinary street in a West Saint John neighbourhood, something extraordinary is taking place. In a blue-grey house on Lancaster Avenue, McKim House, five adults with intellectual disabilities and three assistants are creating home together: waking up under the same roof, conversing around the supper table, helping each other to learn and to develop as human beings, engaged with, and contributing to, the broader community. More volunteers keep joining us, and are discovering here the mutually transforming power of these friendships. Since the opening of McKim House in 2005, L'Arche Saint John has achieved nearly half of its annual funding through the generosity of numerous donors and community supporters and the fundraising efforts of dozens of volunteersL’Arche Saint John belongs to an international federation of 149 faith-based communities creating homes and day programs with people with developmental disabilities in 38 different countries.